We bring to your attention a strategy for binary options “Pathfinder”.
On personal experience, we checked that this strategy is working, and will suit you in any case. Regardless of whether you are a beginner trader, or have extensive experience behind him. But if you suddenly doubt, or want to practice betting, you can conclude them based on the signals for binary options. This binary strategy is considered one of the most popular for beginner traders, although the construction of three charts can initially scare the trader, we assure you that it is very simple if you understand it correctly.

Strategy Characteristics:
Type: flat
Timeframe: from 1 minute.
Trading asset: any currency pair.
Trading time: both day and night.
Percentage of premium option: at least 77%.

And now we will tell you exactly how this strategy works:
Let’s start with the charts. We need three of them. The first:
Bollinger Bands. We do not change the settings, we leave it by default. This chart will show us the moments of the maximum price jump from its average value.
Second: RSI. This chart will tell us when the price will unfold. We apply the following settings to it: Period: 9
Overbought Level: 70
Oversold Level: 30
Third: Moving Average. It determines the current trend. It requires the following settings: Period: 2
Type: Simple
Colour: red

Now move on to the trade itself. We recommend trading in a flat within the channels. After we have built all three charts, we need to wait for the moment when the asset quotes rise to the top or fall to the lower border of the Bollinger Bands. After that, we conclude a deal to drop quotes inside the channel.

At what points should transactions for currency growth be concluded:
We conclude such deals if the moving average crosses the border of the Bollinger lines, and after that, the candle grew and closed inside the channel, and meanwhile, the line on the second chart crossed the level “30” downward.

Now we will analyze at what points a deal to drop a currency is made:
If the first chart crosses the upper boundary of the Bollinger Bands, then the candle falls and closes inside the channel, and the RSI line, in turn, crosses the upper part of the level 70.

There are many different strategies, and I agree with you that sometimes it’s difficult to choose the one that suits you, because trading binary options can be considered not only as one of the ways to make good money but on the other hand, as art. The most important thing is to understand exactly how this or that strategy works, and only then
you will decide which one you will use most often. We recommend that you personally try how the “ranger” strategy works, we assure you that you will not remain indifferent to this strategy when you try it yourself. We wish you good deals!