Today we will tell you about the strategy for the binary options Alligator.

This strategy is not very popular among traders, so we will analyze it in detail today.
If you are a novice trader, we recommend that you test this strategy on a demo account.

If you are an experienced trader, but the first time you hear about this strategy? We will tell you in detail how to use it correctly. We are sure that you will add this strategy to your treasury of binary options strategies. We will show how the strategy works on a live chart.

Strategy Characteristics:
Type: trend.
Dates: from 1 to 5 minutes (5 is better). Trading asset: any currency pair.
Trading time: both day and night. Percentage of premium option: at least 77%.

strategy binary options Alligator

Now is the time to move on to binary options trading. To do this, we need to build a schedule. We will need the Alligator indicator. It, in turn, consists of three moving averages, their names are as follows:

“Lips” is the green line that we are building with a period of 5 and a shift of 2.
“Teeth” – we make this lined red, the period is 8, the shift is 2.
“Jaw” is a blue line. Period – 12, shift 8.

Now our most important activity is to monitor the movement of the lines. It is worth remembering an important thing: when the lines are intertwined with each other, this means only one thing, the market is now in the flat stage, and at these moments it is absolutely impossible to make any bets. As soon as the lines are untwisted and continue to move in a normal channel, the trend stage resumes.

So how do you navigate this indicator? The blue line should be located on top of you, and if you notice that the moving average rushes down, we bet on a downtrend. When the blue line moves down, and the other others move up, we bet on the growth of the currency.

Traders spend a lot of time looking for a working strategy that they
will use for a long time, and therefore they ask themselves the question “How can I choose a strategy for myself”? First of all, you need to study the strategy not only in terms of how it works and with what tools, but also to study its strengths and weaknesses. Do not be afraid to lose, studying new strategies not only gives you the opportunity to learn more about the “world of trading”, but also gives you the most important thing – the opportunity to increase your earnings several times.

Be extremely careful when forecasting the market and choosing a strategy. If you doubt the decision on the transaction, it is better to rely on signals for binary options.
Having your exact strategy and binary signals, you can slowly achieve a stable income.