Inconspicuously for us, astrology and other mystical things are firmly established in our lives. Everyone is so used to horoscopes that it seems that it is no longer a step to make without predictions. Astrologers also reached the financial markets. For example, one of the most famous traders William Gunn successfully used astrological techniques in his trading. In this article, we will not delve into the phases of the Moon and the position of Jupiter and give brief characteristics of traders how to make money on binary options by Zodiac signs. 


Most often are sure that it is necessary to buy at the maximum price, or convince colleagues that there is about to be another global default and you need to sell it at this minimum. Aries traders are always a storm of emotions and the soul of a team. The main characteristic of Aries strategy is a tendency to violate the rules of money management and the inability to hold a position for a long time. They feel great in a volatile market and begin to take risks from boredom when there are no binary options signals.. They get tired quickly due to the constant dispersion of attention between a bunch of indicators and ideas.



They trade equally well in both the “bull” and “bear” markets. Always develop a detailed plan of action and adhere to it with manic perseverance. All this can play a cruel joke on them in the form of overexposure of obviously unprofitable positions. Also, the natural greed of Taurus prevents them from closing a reasonable profit and they sometimes lose everything due to a sharp turn of the market. On the other hand, Taurus always remains cold-blooded, even if the Federal Reserve System collapses together with the European Central Bank. 



They are protected by the god of trade Mercury. They instantly respond to the slightest market changes and can quickly find the exact binary options strategy. These are perhaps the ideal traders. They can be excellent consultants and analysts. However, they have negative traits in the form of a tendency to unjustifiably multiple entries and exits on the market, which prevents to fix a good profit.



He feels quite comfortable on binary options, although often hovers far in the clouds. Despite external isolation internally unnecessarily emotional, and not enough cool As soon as there is only a hint of a movement against the deal on the market will be able to close the deal and stay in its comfortable shell. After going through several such “spans”, in the end, he chooses the least risky strategies and is content with a small profit.



A representative of this sign owns the majority of the largest winnings. They are extremely lucky. But because of their arrogance and greed can not stay on top for a long time, so they need to temper their pride and at least sometimes listen to the opinions of other binary option trader.



 They do well on the stock exchange because they are extremely meticulous and accurate. Virgos are hardworking and striving for wealth and recognition of others.


They are ready to wait as long as they want for a “special” moment to enter the market; they do not like to rush things and can easily miss a strong trend. What does not fit into their plans, they will never do. But their favourite horse is technical analysis, where they can fully apply their analytical mind.



Because of the special psychological warehouse, Libra in trading is very rare, and if they still decided to include a currency binary options platform it is already a great achievement. Trading requires quick reactions and independent decisions, which causes Libra almost physical pain. They constantly doubt and lose a lot of time on the doubts and advice of other traders, they need to get rid of indecision and develop their point of view on everything around.

The nature of Scorpios makes them one of the most unpredictable but at the same time successful traders. If the market starts to move in their direction they begin to intuitively feel when to wait or close a deal. They manage to attract money well, among them there are enough rich people.

They do not earn very well because they are subject to extreme decisions – they are either too independent and impartial, or too committed and secured. Sagittarius can be an inveterate speculator and sharpie, but often with analysis and
learn binary options trading, things do not matter and long periods of bad luck began. So often use third-party information and experience.

Thanks to the perseverance, consistency and sense of proportion, Capricorns achieve good trading results. It is almost impossible to influence them; they try to squeeze the maximum out of their positions no matter what. But some tendency towards laziness and a relaxed lifestyle can ruin in him such an important trader trait as constant self-improvement. Capricorn absolutely must constantly force himself to replenish his knowledge.

Curious and constantly ready for new challenges Aquarius does not scare the insane pace of stock trading. They perfectly and almost intuitively analyze huge amounts of information, but they lack prudence and prudence. They constantly need to cultivate accuracy and consistency up to pedantry. And do not forget about the
binary options guide for technical analysis, even though it causes them great boredom.

“Invisibility” of the market. They earn exclusively with the help of their developed intuition. Usually, they do not spend time studying charts, analyzing the market, but will take ready-made forecasts or signals and only then begin to move. They still need to try to overcome their laziness and start thinking for themselves.

All these astrological characteristics should be taken with humour. But we know superstitious traders are studying how signals work for binary option when no one sees them.