For many binary option traders who have lost their hard earned capital trading binary options, it might be worth considering handing over the next trading capital to an expert like John Anthony’s signals service to help them trade or copying the expert’s trade or getting trading signals from the expert.

There are many ways a trader could benefit from employing the service of an expert. Scammers know this and use the opportunity to deceive people into buying services that would not bring in profits. With so many scammers and so few genuine expert traders, how do you determine which trading signal service would be profitable for you?

One interesting trading signal service has come to our notice. The John Anthony Signal Service offers high win rates for its subscribers. We would be reviewing this service. Are the claims real? Should you sign up for John Anthony Signals?

Read on to find out.


John Anthony’s signal service provides trading signals to subscribers in order to make consistent and profitable trades. Traders can either trade on their own based on the signal or link their account to the signal service for automated trading.


From available information, this service was developed by John Anthony, a supposedly legendary trader. The service delivers signals to over 5000 customers, per its marketing materials. Its subscriber base is said to have grown over 200% since inception in 2014. Confirmation of the number of subscribers has not been made by any major binary options reviewer. Also, a search on Google trends has not shown a clear exponential increase in the popularity of John Anthony Signals. However, there are reviews from some satisfied customers who say the win rate has been above average.

Signals are delivered once you login to the website. The company says it is currently working on mobile app versions of its services.

It claims a high win rate due to its algorithm that is able to analyze short term market fluctuations and evaluate their effect on future market prices. The signals generated by John Anthony signals are usually short term trading opportunities (less than 10 minutes). As such, you have to be logged in to the platform to make trades.


According to the limited information available, the assets traded by the algorithm that produces the signals include major and minor currency pairs, equities, interest rates and money market instruments and commodity spots and futures.


The only issue with John Anthony’s signal service is the extreme secrecy by the promoters of the service. It was impossible to get in depth information on many features claimed by the promoters. The image below is from the company’s marketing materials.

In order to use John Anthony signals, you must use the Chrome browser. Then you would download a plug-in to your browser to enable the software to work well.

Once you complete your registration and link your broker account, you get access to the trading signals. The signals are sent twenty-four hours a day for the five working days. If you have chosen to automate the signals, they would be copied to your trading account. On average, 17 signals are generated each day.

All signals are delivered real-time. If you intend to select which signal to apply to your trading account, then you must be online and logged in as the signals are for extremely short term trading events.

The signal specifies which action to take (go long or short), which asset and which time frame. The win rate claimed by the provider is 72% although this has not been independently verified.


This service costs a subscription fee of 99GBP or about $135. Also, if your existing broker does not integrate well with John Anthony Signals, you may have to open a new account through John Anthony Signals and deposit a minimum of $200.

Due to the high cost of the service, it is necessary that intending users do their own research before paying that amount. You can also take advantage of the 30 days free access period offered by John Anthony Signals to test the service. If you are not satisfied by the service during this free access period, remember to cancel well in advance of the end of the 30 days so that you are not automatically enrolled.


Unconfirmed profitability information shows that the service sends trading signals that are over 70% accurate on a daily basis. The return on investment claimed was about 20% monthly assuming an average amount of $50 is invested by trade.

If the above information is true, it means you could quadruple your trading capital in six months. In order to really test the effectiveness and profitability of this trading signal provider, interested traders should sign up for a free access account and invest about $10 per trade.


Due to the lack of comprehensive information, we were unable to find any differentiators between John Anthony Signals and other similar services.


In order to contact customer support, one needs to have joined the service. Customer service is available through email, live chat and the frequently asked questions page accessible once you log in. However, research shows that the customer support is above average and mails are replied promptly.


John Anthony Signals appears to be a trading signal service capable of providing profitable trading ideas but the jury is still out as to whether it is genuine service. Traders are advised to do their due diligence. If you are interested in the service, you should only sign up for the free access period and use your existing broker. Within days, you would see a clear effect on your trading account. If positive, then you may want to upgrade to the paid service.