The CCI (Commodity Channel Index) was developed by Donald Lambert in 1980.
CCI belongs to the category of oscillators, helping to determine the period of oversold and overbought.
We’ll look at how to navigate and use this indicator effectively in the video.

If you are just learning, we advise you to focus not only on the indicator but also signals for binary options, so that you have several times more chances to win.

We set the following settings on the indicator: 

Period – 20

Overbought Level – 100

Oversold Level – (-100)


Surely you are already wondering: how does the CCI indicator work?

The graph shows you price fluctuations within a certain range. Use it more efficiently during the flat, because at this time the market almost stands still, and many traders do not risk betting.

When we have already built a chart for the above settings, we turn to the main thing – to trade binary options. We will need to focus on three things: the chart, the candles, and of course, the signals. 

If you look at the chart, notice how it began to move up, look at the candles.

If they are moving in the same direction as the chart, and the binary options signals too, we bet on CALL. We do the same with respect to the moment when the chart moves down. Everything is pretty simple.

Each trader has his own favourite strategy, or a technical indicator, the instructions of which he follows most often. Without a doubt, this is good, because each time you hone your skills more and more. But it’s still worthwhile to study new strategies for yourself, and try out new technical indicators, because you not only develop your skills in binary options trading more but also find more ways to increase your earnings. We wish you good deals!