Signals365 is a binary options signals service that provides binary options trading signals to subscribers. Signals sent to subscribers are provided for manual implementation only. The signals service therefore does not employ a trading robot and this allows the trader full control of the entire process.

Asset Types Traded

The trading signals provided by the Signals365 signals service covers all the asset classes in the market. This allows traders a wide range of choice on what they can trade with the Signals365 service.

How it Works

Signals are generated by using a combination of strategies which can predict trend reversals as well as trend movements.

Signals are sent to subscribers every trading day. Signals are usually put up on the members’ area of the website and are not sent by SMS or email due to the volume of signals sent on a daily basis.

Filters are applied to the signals during news trades to ensure greater accuracy.


Signals365 gives prospective clients the opportunity to get access to the signal services at no cost. All that is required is to open an account with a compatible broker using the link provided above, fund the account with $250 and start using the service. Some of the brokers also offer the trader the opportunity to get various bonuses on their deposits.

There is now an option to buy the signals without using any of the brokers or without registering on the affiliate link. Using this route, the signals service will cost the trader $99 per month, payable via ClickBank.


The Signals365 team professes a profitability rate of 70%. This is a reasonable rate of return for the signals service. It must also be stated that this is just an average, and performance may be slightly above or below the 70% mark depending on trading conditions in the market. Signals are not usually delivered during major news events or when there is heavy volatility in the market to avoid seesaws.

Results of trading are also displayed on the website of Signals365 so as to provide transparency and a good cross-checking mechanism for traders who want to verify the trade results.

Special Features

The special features of the Signals365 service are as follows:

  • Signals delivered by Signals365 are for the Up/Down trades only. However, these signals are delivered for several assets so that traders can expect to receive up to 100 signals per day. It is up to the trader to study these signals and see whether they are worth trading or not.
  • Traders are still required to perform trades using acceptable risk management standards.
  • Subscribers can open their accounts with the brokers using the affiliate links on the Signals365 website. If they opt not to do so, then the signals have to be paid for.


Signals365 has a lot of information about its services on its website and provides a FAQ section to address all questions that traders may have. However, the fact that there is no free trial period is something which the providers of the signals on Signals365 should reconsider. It is true that the traders can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the service, but being able to evaluate a service using a “try before you buy” mechanism is something that will boost the site’s credibility.

Nevertheless, the fact that brokers used to provide platforms for implementation of the free signals also provide traders with bonuses is a huge plus to the Signals365 service. The decision to ensure that all signals are manually delivered and implemented is also a strategic one to ensure that traders ultimately retain full control of the signals that they receive. This helps traders to also ensure that appropriate risk management is used in performing trades.