The Elder’s Three Screen Strategy is considered one of the complex binary options strategies, but if understood correctly, even a novice trader can figure it out. This strategy, although rather complicated, has repeatedly shown its effectiveness and brought profit to traders. We advise you to carefully study the features of the strategy, and only then proceed to try it in action.

Strategy Characteristics:

Type: trend and flat.

Timeframe: The first tab is 5 minutes, the second is 1 minute, and the third is 5 seconds.

Trading asset: any currency pair.

Trading time: both day and night.

Percentage of the premium option: at least 70-75%.

To get started, we need to open three Binomo sites and choose our broker. On the first site, we build the MACD chart and set the time frame to 5 minutes. Now we turn to the second tab of the site, on it we build the RSI chart and set the values ​​to 50 in both lines, the time frame is 1 minute. The last tab. Here we will bet, timeframe 5 seconds.

Now we turn to the main one. If on the first tab you have a chart crossed the bar up, go immediately to the second tab, if there is also a chart crossed the bar up, go to the third tab and bid up. Also in a situation with a fall in the currency.

If, on the first tab, the currency crossed the line up, but on the second tab, the chart stands still or falls down, we advise you to wait until both charts go in the same direction. Follow our tips and you will definitely be delighted with this strategy.