Day or night, which is better to trade?

Have you been able to study the pattern, better manage your investments and possess the required skills to immediately respond to the unstable conditions of the market? Then the day trading is definitely the best choice if you have. If you, however, intend to trade on a more stable market condition absent of stress, then consider the opportunities the night trading presents. You may be able to earn higher without stress at night.

Feature of the strategy

Binary options strategy: Flat

Trading assets: Currency pairs

Timeframe: Between 1 minute to 5 minutes.

The benefits of night trading

The binary options signals undergo a sideways pattern with minimal movement in the amplitude at night. Employing the appropriate binary options strategy will therefore produce:

• A completely predictable market.

• A reduced amplitude movement that allows planned and stress-free decisions.

• A wonderful level of payout.

Therefore, the night trading is characterized by lower risks and higher profits.

Profitable binary options strategy

Taking into account the highly profitable option presented by trading binary options at night. It is the best trading period in the channel due to the fact that the binary signals at night 95% of the time move sideways at a very low amplitude.

Binary options trading can be carried out within the channel as follows:

A visual line between the lows and the highs of the binary option signal is drawn which will define the price channel where trading binary options will take place.

As soon as the upper limit of the price channel is approached by the binary signal, a transaction DOWN conclusion is made. A transaction UP is concluded when the lower limit is reached.

It is most of the time doubtless that the binary options signals will return back to the channel whenever it exceeds the assigned price instead of changing direction.

However, if the binary signal has exceeded the channel, adding new transactions that will level it out on the opposite direction of the boundary is the most appropriate move.

The Binomo trading platform provides technical features that help to track trading spots that are already open and finding the correct spot for subsequent ones which can help create a stress-free and highly profitable binary options trading experience than other trading platforms.


Please Note: It is important not to exceed 2 transactions for every number of “refills” because you will encounter additional losses if the binary signals do not return to the right side.