Trading strategies have revealed that the extent of its reliability depends on how simple the method is. The Puria Method, a well-known binary options strategy has shown to produce a binary options signal that is constantly predictable if intelligently implemented.

Method: Trend

Timeframe: within the range of M1 to D1. M1 is executed in this scenario but there is an increase in the signal’s accuracy when the evaluation period improves.

Trading Assets: Any currency pairs. The major necessity is a permanent (2 to 3point) distribution without any hidden charges.

Time of Trade: Every Forex trading period.

Percentage Premium Option: 70 – 75% minimum.

The regular trading indicators to be employed depends on the binary options strategy. The three moving average and classic MACD.

Conventionally, the movement on the oscillator histogram confirms the intersection that provides the binary options signals.

Characteristics of the MACD settings: Generally, the trading signal period is 1 in the primary version of the binary options strategy but the regular indicator should be left at 9-periods for trading options signals.

The following shows the structure of the price signal after the indicators have been installed (a personalized color scheme can be selected).

The path of the trend is determined by the long moving averages MA (85) and MA (75) while the first signal to open an option is the fast-moving average EMA (5). To facilitate usability, it is suggested that one color is used to identify the long moving average on the chart.

Profitable binary options strategy

The Call Option: Both the fast and slow-moving average crosses from top to bottom and produces a confirmation on the MACD (one bar is higher than the zero lines on the histogram).

The Put Option: Both the fast and slow-moving average crosses the MACD histogram from top to bottom with one bar below zero.

The option expires within a minimum of 3 to 4 minutes. Even if the video is followed by selecting the working time of one minute or 30 seconds.

Usage suggestions.

Apart from the confirming signals, this strategy of binary options employs the slow-moving average to filter the trend. Even after getting a confirmation from the MACD, the transaction won’t open if the price exceeds two MA and one quick EMA (5). This will likewise protect against fake reversals and noises in the market. An adjusted binary options strategy can be employed where the HL/2 value is used by the moving average for estimating the price on asset volatility that is above average. The trading option guidelines are the same. However, the signal from this strategy for binary option is late although the input becomes more reliable.

The transaction must, therefore, be fixed if an option gets closed by the broker before it expires (profitable or not). When the signal of the slow-moving average and the fast-moving average repeatedly intersect or if the course of the MACD histogram changes proportional to zero.

If this pattern becomes continuous, the expiration time can be modified to 5 to 7 minutes. Multiple trading options with several validity periods can be opened within this timeframe to grab the highest movements that have the lowest risk.

What will this generate?

The Puria Method is a binary options strategy that is quite dependable for moderate scalping when trading in a consistent market. The recent volatility can be used to modify the conditions of the trading tool.

However, the profitable binary options strategy cannot be implemented during a flat period, except on trend areas.

The forex Puria method has been properly automated where various options for trading robots can be located on the network but it is more profitable to trade using this strategy just like any scalping system. This will improve the customization of the system in relation to the market modifications, and a daily profit is guaranteed by the multicurrency features of the binary options strategy.