Fibonacci lines are one of the most popular and effective tools used by many traders. If you properly understand how the strategy works, you will not only discover a new way of earning but also be able to significantly increase your budget.

Characteristics of the strategy
Type: trend. 
Timeframe: from 5 minutes. 
Trading asset: any currency pair. 
Trading time: both day and night. 
Percentage of premium option: not less than 77%

The Fibonacci levels are based on the correct plotting. In other words, if the currency has been growing for a long time, then began to fall down, the chart is drawn from the lowest to the highest, and Vice versa. On the chart you can see the sequence of numbers, from 0% to 100%, it is for these numbers that we will be guided. 

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in most cases, the price reversals during the correction occurs between the levels of 50% and 61.8%. When the correction reaches this area, the quote is likely to end and reverse to continue the trend. In simple words, if the currency growth reaches the numbers 50% or 61.8, and unfolds, we bet on the fall of the currency.