You can get your first profit on binary options within a few minutes after registration. You only need to deposit the minimum amount and click the “CALL/PUT” button. But not everything is simple: you need to correctly determine the duration of the transaction (expiration) and need a market analysis. How to be a beginner without trading experience? Professional traders can also use different opinion to confirm their ideas. Binary signals software such as vfxAlert can help.

The full version of the signals is available only in the paid version. Let’s not argue that paid options or free binary signals are better. This article is for traders who make their own decisions.

Important: the service only provides signals without any liability for customer losses. See your strategy and how the broker works.

Registration, price, licenses

If you decide to use external signals go to the site and create an account:

vfxAlert registration

After registering, binary option forex signals can be used by downloading a program for Windows / MAC with a list of recommended brokers or by opening a separate browser window and your binary trading platform.

vfxAlert signals

Before you open your first vfxAlert options, you need to determine the type of license. You can trade in the free mode, but only one strategy and the most important factor are available – the signal strength is displayed for only one of the four. We see only the direction of the transaction, which is not enough for a decision. Switch to the Pro version (not advertising) where there are more signals and additional features. Moreover, the cost per year is quite moderate and affordable even for beginners.

The structure of binary signals

Now for more information about the signal itself. The trader sees:

The structure of binary signals vfxAlert

  • Trading asset. The name of the asset, which is the analysis of the current market. In addition to binary options forex signals, there are cryptocurrencies.
  • Price. Price at the time the signal appears. In adaptive algorithms Open the current candle.
  • Time. How much time has passed since the signal appeared? For adaptive algorithms since the last statistics update.
  • Expiration. The recommended expiration date of the option.
  • Power. Calculated from historical data and represents a percentage of profitable options in this combination of indicators.

signal accuracy

  • Signal. Option type – CALL/PUT.
  • Algorithm. What is the main indicator that searches for a signal (for trending strategies);
  • Heatmap. The expected percentage of winning. It is determined by statistics and other timeframes.

There is a lot of information, and professional traders will find it useful to use Heatmap to assess the market situation comprehensively and quickly. Newbies should always remember one of the basic principles of the Dow Theory “history repeats” and first look at the strength of the signal. The stronger the signal the more often it was in top binary options signals and ended in profit. A “weak” signal indicates uncertainty and it is better to skip it or watch additional confirmations from technical indicators.

The Pro version has a filter for trading assets and Power values. Free binary signals are not possible!

Strategies used

Most auto binary signals keep their algorithms secret, especially if they work through a specific broker or he gives signals to the trading platform. vfxAlert is more open, the site has a brief description of strategies. This allows traders to understand how to change their trading style and choose the right tools for more efficient use of signals:


The first strategy uses the CCI (Commodity Channel Index) oscillator. The indicator is designed for the stock market but is actively used in Forex as an indicator of critical zones and possible pivot points. The main idea is that the price changes cyclically, and extremes appear at certain intervals. CCI should identify extreme prices and signal in time that the current trend is weakening or changing direction

PUT-option is opened when CCI falls below the level of +100 (overbought), CALL-option when it is above -100 (oversold) and crosses the zero level. For manual trading you can open trades immediately after the release of +/- 100, there are zero levels will be an additional filter.

Important: even if trading is done through the best binary signal provider, it is recommended to look at the dynamics of changes in market volumes (even thick volumes). They often give leading signals.


strategy for binary options

The second strategy looks for binary signals at the intersection of “fast” and “slow” Simple Moving Average (SMA) with periods of 5 (blue) and 17 (red). Despite the simplicity, the SMA gives a lot of profitable signals, especially if the intersection is confirmed on several timeframes.


Pivot points search by RSI and Parabolic SAR (PSAR) indicators. There are no special techniques here; the tools are used in a classically: RSI exit from overbought/oversold zones, a change in position relative to the price chart. The strategies are simple and often found in free binary options signals.

strategy for binary options

For professional traders, there is nothing new, and for beginners, we pay attention to the use of such signals (as in trend strategy) only on a strong trend and timeframes from M15. On a sideways (flat) movement, most signals become false: the PSAR begins to change position quickly and it is difficult to calculate the expiration correctly, the RSI “sticks” in its extreme zones. If you need scalping and M1, choose the following binary options strategy from vfxAlert.


Statistical methods for analyzing historical data are used. If in the two previous strategies, the signal appears only when the indicator value meets the given conditions, then the adaptive algorithm works differently. It is assumed that at each historical price bar there will be a binary option trading signals for an option with a given expiration time (5, 10 minutes etc.). Then data from indicators are added, we look at the result of expiration – positive or negative. Each data combination is stored in a database (at least 2000 signals) for comparison with the current market.

Thus, the adaptive strategy is automatically adjusted, it can more accurately determine the probability of a positive outcome, which means the “strength” of the signal and the moment the option is opened.

Additional features, personal account

In your account, you can change your password, subscribe to news, and purchase a package of services in the License Store. The interface is simple and does not present any problems:

  • A trader can add his broker to the vfxAlert program list. To do this, enter the link to the trading platform and continue to trade in the usual mode. Manual trading, the program does not have access to a deposit!
  • Receive trading binary signals through the Telegram messenger. As in the previous case, transactions do not automatically open!

signal strength vfxAlert

Let’s move on to the additional services that are available both in the program and the site:

  • Online chart from TradingView. There is a large selection of indicators and graphical tools for a complete market analysis without launching a trading terminal, such as MetaTrader. TradingView guarantees real market quotes with minimal delays. The list of assets includes Forex currency pairs, stocks, futures and cryptocurrencies.

start trading

  • Economic calendar. When trading through any top binary options signals, we control the publication of important fundamental news and statistics. During these periods, the market is speculative, technical indicators “lose” logic and signals become false.
  • Current markets trend.  Forecast of market movement for the asset/timeframe pair. It can be used as the main trend indicator or additional confirmation of the data of oscillators and graphic patterns.
  • Power&Headmaps. Make decisions based on the percentage of past profitable signals (Power) and the amount of deviation of the current price from its maximum and minimum values for a certain period  (Heatmaps). The brighter (“warmer”) the color of the Heatmaps, the further the price went from the last max/min, the trend reversal is possible

Customer support

Support by E-mail with a fairly quick response. There are the forum, blog and an Affiliate program with payments of up to 70% of the payments of attracted clients.

Technical indicators + live trading signals from vfxAlert

As an example of using binary option signal service in real trading, let’s take the popular strategy “Sidus Method” on the technical tools included in the set of all trading platforms: “fast” Exponential (EMA) and two “slow” Weighted (WMA) Moving Average to determine the trend reversal and the MACD oscillator, which will confirm the signal.

binary option signal service vfxalert

MACD parameters: the “classic” version of the strategy provides for Signal Period = 1, on binary options we leave the standard value – 9 periods.

What’s the first time to find an entry point: vfxAlert or strategy indicators? Answer: you can use both. The basic rule is to be patient and wait for all conditions and signal from vfxAlert to be met. More examples of binary signals software strategies:

Choose trading binary signals on currency pairs that match your lifestyle and strategy. Example: a trader in Europe, and signals for Asian pairs. You will have to trade at night, and this does not suit everyone.

Let’s summarize: Not all binary options sites want their customers to trade long and profitably. For them, the main thing is to quickly pick up a deposit, but not for vfxAlert. There is no contradiction: if there are signals at a loss there will be no new customers paying for services. Yes, there is a list of recommended brokers and affiliate payments from registering new customers and the volume of their transactions. This is an additional income, but not enough to compensate for losses from negative reviews if the service works at a loss. The client must trade-in profit; otherwise, there will be no affiliate payments!

Every trader should have a strategy on how to make money on binary options. When to open an option or stay out of the market is up to you, any external signals should only be used as a confirmation factor.