All binary option for newbie’s courses and books about trading are constantly reminded – the main thing in trading is not the ability to quickly determine the current wave of Elliot or candle pattern, but your trading strategy and money management.


Most newbie’s do not consider this important. On the Internet, you can enter the query “exact binary options strategy” and get hundreds of pages with ready recommendations. And only when lost a few deposits comes to understand that only their strategy makes it possible:

use strategy for binary options, both on the trend and on the lateral (flat) price movement;

determine when you can open an option, correctly calculate the expiration time. Or stay out of the market and thus avoid losses;

filter false signals and adjust binary options strategy for the current market;

quickly increase the amount of deposit on any trading active and market (currencies, stocks, futures, indices)

not pay attention to single loss-making transactions, achieve an overall positive result.

Binary options trader working on a strategy thinks with his brain. Ignoring false news, speculation by market makers and other distractions. This approach has always been and will remain profitable.

news analysis

A binary options trader working on a strategy thinks with his brain, learns a lot of information and analyzes. It is necessary to distinguish between real and false, important and not important news.
In addition to the accurate and correct binary options strategy, it is very important to be able to analyze the market and its reaction to various factors. If you are a beginner trader, then it will be useful for you to study additional tools, such as binary options signals.